GWEN runs ongoing daily online training modules for students anywhere on the globe. They may enrol for one of several training options:

GWEN runs ongoing daily online training modules for students around the globe. They may enrol for one of several training options:

Recovery Coaching: A three-module programme delivered as either a five-day intensive, classroom-based course, or as a 40-week online course. The modules (the Conversation, the Continuum and the System) track the three spheres of activity which impact the drug misuser and his or her family, employer and community and train the coach to engage the client on all three tiers, ultimately guiding and supporting him or her to accepting personal responsibility and accountability for making choices that will lead not just to sustainable recovery, but to living what a fulfilled and meaningful life would look like for them. This would include identifying and using their Recovery Capital – the resources available to them to help them achieve this objective – and re-entering the workplace or academic environment as a fully engaged, fulfilled participant.

Upon completion of these modules, students wishing to qualify as recovery coaches must acquire 60 hours’ practical coaching (40 hours’ coaching and 20 hours’ being coached), submit two recorded coaching sessions with two separate clients for assessment (as well as notes documenting those clients’ progress, and the coach’s own reflections during the coaching), do a live coaching session in front of two assessors and write an open-book exam. Students who complete these requirements successfully then receive certification as Recovery Coaches, enabling them to work either independently or in institutions or businesses. 

Peer Recovery Specialist Training: A online course aimed at training students to prepare and encourage clients to enter the recovery process by providing them with information about resources in their area, from rehabilitation facilities to clinics, support groups, faith groups, 12-step organisations, community centres, hospitals, etc, as well as a list of fully qualified Recovery Coaches they can contact.

The Peer Recovery Specialist makes the user aware of the help available to them and assists them in accessing it.

The Peer Recovery Specialist Training offered by GWEN is a partner of POCKET REHAB, a revolutionary app developed by Damien Ross.


Pocket Rehab has revolutionised and scale and reach of recovery for those struggling with substance misuse disorder or mental illness all over the world. Developed by USA-based Damien Ross, it is an HIPAA-compliant app that uses a multi-layer support system, including offering information about hospitals, rehabilitation centres, churches, community centres and support groups in their country and area, as well as a list of global qualified recovery coaches the user can contact for immediate assistance and intervention. The app also enables the user to join live support groups, chats and a multitude of other resources they can employ to help them either enter recovery or get back on track after a return of symptoms. 

Peer Recovery Specialists, Recovery Coaches and anyone else involved in the field of substance misuse disorder will find the app invaluable as an empowering and connecting tool offering 24/7, real-time interventions, recovery support and coaching at the touch of a button, anywhere, anytime, free of charge, through a global network of volunteer providers. 

Recovery Coaching students coaching clients through the app can also log up required coaching hours through this medium, thus benefiting themselves as well as their clients. 


Facilitator training: GWEN offers online courses in recovery group facilitation to students around the globe.